Solo Piano
Solo Stringed Instruments (violin, viola, cello or string bass) 
Solo Wind Instruments (woodwind and brass)
Solo Voice
Chamber music of any instrumental or vocal combination

AGE DIVISIONS (student's age as of May 25, 2019)

Piano, String, and Chamber Music:
Lower: Age 9 and under
Middle: Age 10 - 13
Upper: Age 14 - 19

Voice and Wind:
Middle: Age 14 to 18
Upper: Age 19 to 22

APPLICATION FEES: non-refundable

Solo Divisions: $55
Chamber Music: $25 per applicant


Lower Division: 6 minutes
Middle Division: 7 minutes
Upper Division: 8 minutes
Chamber Music: 8 minutes


All works must be performed from memory except in the Chamber Music Division.

TWO contrasting repertoire selections:
ONE from either the Baroque or Classical time period PLUS
ONE from the Romantic, Impressionistic or Contemporary time period.

ONE selection is required.
TWO may be performed if the timing is within the allotted 8 minutes.

Three categories are available: Art songs, opera, or musical theater.
Contestants must sing two songs, picked from two of these three categories (i.e., one art song and one opera aria; or one opera aria and one musical theater song; etc.)


  • A previous First Place winner must enter a higher division.

  • Contestants must provide the original copy of the composition for the judges. Photocopies will be automatically disqualified.

  • Contestants need to be in their place of competition 15 minutes before the division starts and stay until the end of that division.

  • Late contestants will not be allowed to perform unless by reason of emergency.

  • Time limit will be strictly observed. Contestants exceeding the time limit will be stopped without penalty.

  • Stopping a work during the performance is at the discretion of the judges only.

  • Parents and Teachers are not allowed to interact with the judges.

  • The judges’ decisions are final.