The 64th John Child Walker Music Competition was held on Friday, May 24 and Saturday, May 25th, 2019. The Awards Ceremony took place on Saturday evening, for the first time, at the beautiful main sanctuary of the Claremont United Church of Christ. Against the backdrop of a gorgeous pipe organ, and a soaring nave, the Musicians’ Club of Pomona Valley and the Walker Music Competition Committee, paid tribute to Maxine Brechbiel (friend and active member of the Walker Music Competition Committee and Musician’s Club), who passed away at the age of 87.

Excitement was in the air as competition winners in each division were announced. Those receiving first-place awards performed one of their competition pieces for the audience. As a grande finale, trophies, medals and cash prizes were awarded. It was an exciting two days of competition, and a wonderful evening concert by all the winners. We thank and congratulate all who were involved, and look forward to having many of you back again next year!

Please stay tuned for more pictures of the event!


The names of the winners are as follows (teachers’ names in parentheses):


Lower Division:
1st Place: Andy Nauli (Roza Yoder)
2nd Place: Preston Lopez (Tatiana Thibodeaux)
3rd Place: Eliana Wong (JoAnn Yu)
Honorable Mention: Ellie Ha (Katy Lai), Elizabeth Yu (Rizia Lin)

Middle A:
1st Place: Sophie Zheng (Agatha Hou)
2nd Place: Jonathan Li (Ruisha Zhang)
3rd Place: Lauren Kawauchi (Rizia Lin)
Honorable Mention: Alan Alexander (Roza Yoder), Demi Yu (Agatha Hou)

Middle B:
1st Place: Kasper Yoder (Roza Yoder)
2nd Place: Dory Kawauchi (Rizia Lin)
3rd Place: Nicole Mathias (Ruisha Zhang)
Honorable Mention: Isabella Rossi (JoAnn Yu)

Upper Division:
1st Place: Aaron Kwan (Agatha Hou)
2nd Place: Adrien Ramos (Roza Yoder)
3rd Place: Audrey Lin (Jenny Shin)
Honorable Mention: Stephanie Liao (Jenny Shin), Megan Luo (Jenny Shin), Jin Kay Teo (Artemis Bedros)


Lower Division:
1st Place : Evangeline Lien, Viola (Chu-Ping Lin)
2nd Place: Daniel Beard, Violin (Diana Chang)
3rd Place: Ning Kay Teo, Violin (Linda Tajima)
Honorable Mention: Katelyn Chang, Violin (Diana Chang)

Middle Division:
1st Place: Lok Kay Teo, Violin (Olga Meisel)
2nd Place: Aidan Kwan, Violin (Wendy Waggener)
3rd Place: Nicole Lin, Violin (Fung Ho)
Honorable Mention: Grace Zan, Violin (Weikang Zhou)

Upper Division:
1st Place: Aaron Hao, Violin (Diana Chang)
2nd Place: Sean Chang, Violin (Diana Chang)
3rd Place: Nathaniel Lee, Violin (Linda Tajima)
Honorable Mention: Kylee Barry, Violin (Rachel Huang)


Middle Division:
1st Place: Avengers Quartet: Daniel Beard-violin, Lydia Beard-violin, Katelyn Chang-violin, Raymond Chuang-violin (Diana Chang)
2nd Place: Early Bird Quartet: Evelyn Calsquin-violin, Charlotte Jiang-violin, Alina Knowlton-violin, Grace Zan-violin (Weikang Zhou)

Upper Division:
1st Place: Gypsy Trio: Nathaniel Lee-violin, Ryan Lin-cello, Jin Kay Teo-piano (Linda Tajima)
2nd Place: Diamond Duo: Tanisha Basrai-violin, Elise Kwon-violin (Diana Chang)
3rd Place: LOHS Chamber: Grace Jang-violin, Aaron Kwan-piano, Jonathan Yu-cello (Agatha Hou, Rachel Kim, Margaret Parkins)
Honorable Mention: Aliso Trio: Alicia Calsquin-violin, Gianna Capino-violin, Chelsea Jiang-violin (Weikang Zhou)