The 62nd John Child Walker Music Competition was held on Saturday, May 27, 2017. The Awards Ceremony took place on Saturday evening in Bridges Hall of Music in Claremont.  Coordinator Artemis Bedros greeted teachers, parents and students and announced the competition winners in each division. Those receiving first-place awards performed for the audience and as a grande finale, trophies, medals and cash prizes were awarded. It was an exciting day of competition, and a wonderful evening concert by all the winners. We thank and congratulate all who were involved, and look forward to having many of you back again next year!


The names of the winners are as follows:


Lower Division:
1st Place: Noah Woojin Choi            
2nd Place: Michael Wen
3rd Place: Annelise Kraft-Williams
Honorable Mention: Jiaqi Yu               ´     

Middle Division – Group A:
1st Place: Kevin Wang
2nd Place: Yohana Jie Kim                
3rd Place: Andy Chen
Honorable Mention: Norah Chang, Samantha Eliana Lu, Aaron DeNuto

Middle Division – Group B:
1st Place: Isabella Cao
2nd Place: Connor Sung
3rd Place: Jin Kay Teo
Honorable Mention: Adrianne Wang, Claire Chang 

Upper Division – Group A:
1st Place: Crystal Chen                             
2nd Place: Aaron Kwan                   
3rd Place: Douglas Li
Honorable Mention: Lindsay Li, Andrea Phung

Upper Division – Group B:
2nd Place: Grant Wu
3rd Place: Miranda Lee


Lower Division
1st Place: Nicole Lin
2nd Place: Brian Rossi
3rd Place: Aidan Kwan

Middle Division:
1st Place: Tommu Su            
2nd Place: Christian Yang
3rd Place: Alvin Wang
Honorable Mention: Willy Guan                    

Upper Division:    
1st Place: Henry Guan                
2nd Place: Matthew Yee
3rd Place: Emily Yang
Honorable Mention: Sean Chang


Middle Division:
2nd Place: Ryan Lin, Nathaniel Lee, Jin Kay Teo                     

Upper Division:
Honorable Mention: Sean Chang, Grant An, Aaron Hao, Tanisha Basrai, Brian Bae


Upper Division:
1st Place: Helen Skilbred
2nd Place: Amanda Yoon