The 63rd John Child Walker Music Competition was held on Saturday, May 26th, 2018. The Awards Ceremony took place on Saturday evening in Bridges Hall of Music in Claremont.  Coordinator Artemis Bedros greeted teachers, parents and students and announced the competition winners in each division. Those receiving first-place awards performed for the audience and as a grande finale, trophies, medals and cash prizes were awarded. It was an exciting day of competition, and a wonderful evening concert by all the winners. We thank and congratulate all who were involved, and look forward to having many of you back again next year!


The names of the winners are as follows (teachers’ names in parentheses):


Lower Division:
1st Place: Evangeline Lien (Artemis Bedros)
2nd Place: Lauren Kawauchi (Rizia Lin)
3rd Place: Elizabeth Yu (Rizia Lin)
Honorable Mention: Hannah Lin (Katy Lai), Preston Lopez (Tatiana Thibodeaux), Mia Hoang (Iris Su)

Middle A:
1st Place: Sebastian Quadrini (Artemis Bedros)
2nd Place: Dory Kawauchi (Rizia Lin)
3rd Place: Nocole Mathias (Ruisha Zhang)
Honorable Mention: Joshua Solinap (Tatiana Thibodeaux), Jeremy Barroga (Ruisha Zhang)

Middle B:
1st Place: Andy Chen (Youngsook Park)
2nd Place: Jin Kay Teo (Artemis Bedros)
3rd Place: Alexis Cai (Robert Sage)
Honorable Mention: Cindy Shan (Iris Su), Dorothy DuFault (Rizia Lin)

Upper Division:
1st Place: Kevin Wang (Roza Yoder)
2nd Place: Isabella Cao (Agatha Hou)
3rd Place: Aaron Kwan (Agatha Hou)
Honorable Mention: Christine Kwon (Sylvia Park), Sean Chang (Sylvia Park), Douglas Li (Agatha Hou), Lindsay Li (Agatha Hou)


Lower Division:
1st Place : Brian Rossi (Diana Chang)
2nd Place: Aidan Kwan (Wendy Waggener)

Middle Division:
1st Place: Nolan Chang (Diana Chang)
2nd Place: Grace Zan (Weikang Zhou)
3rd Place: Thadeus Wong (Weikang Zhou)

Upper Division:
1st Place: Tommy Su (Iris Su)
2nd Place: Aaron Hao (Diana Chang)
3rd Place: Cristian Contreras (Chu-Ping Lin)
Honorable Mention: Phillip Zhou (Weikang Zhou), Sean Chang (Diana Chang)


Middle Division:
1st Place: Daniel Beard, Kevin Fang, Jerry Li, Brian Rossi, Isabella Rossi (Diana Chang)
2nd Place: Nathaniel Lee, Ryan Lin, Jin Kay Teo (Linda Tajima)
3rd Place: Jialu Chen, Nyansu Chen, Joanne Lu (Amanda Yang)
Honorable Mention: Emily Liu, Avery Wang, Michelle Yeh (Amanda Yang)

Upper Division:
1st Place: Aaron Hao, Charlene Hao & Justin Wang (Diana Chang)
2nd Place: Henry Guan, Sarah Kuriyama & Jack Xiao (Matthew Keating)
3rd Place: Yewon Grace Lee, Elsie Lin & John Park (Amanda Yang)
Honorable Mention: Eric Zeng & Phillip Zhou (Weikang Zhou)


Lower Division:
1st Place: Sophie Zakota (Augustyn Davis)
2nd Place: Theo Burke (Barbara Durost)

Middle Division:

Honorable Mention: Jordan Granda (Bernardo Bermudez), Katherine Sandberg (Wendy Kikkert)

Upper Division:
1st Place: Ava Verhoeven (Augustyn Davis)
2nd Place: Claire Miranda (Mike Stevens)
3rd Place: Leonie Casper (Wendy Kikkert)
Honorable Mention: Nina Hamel (Wendy Kikkert)